About us : NOED Instroduction

The headquarter is located in Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area, Tianjin, which is adjacent to Beijing, the capital of China.

Neptune Offshore Engineering Development CO., Ltd (NOED for short) is an integrated solution provider for marginal oil field development and the relative products and services.

Innovation has always been the foundation of NOED development. NOED longs to become the contractor that brings the highest rate of return on investment to the customers. The scope of working of NOED is EPCI & the abandonment of offshore structures and EPCI & the repair for flexible pipelines.

NOED got ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 and DNV certificates. In 2012 was certified with API Spec Q1 and 17J by API(American Petroleum Institute) and is the first supplier of subsea flexible pipe in Asia-Pacific area.

Since founded in 1993, NOED has successfully accomplished many offshore engineering projects as well as relevant R&D of products. In the same time, NOED got over 100 patents of technology and products. NOED has finished 163 projects on structure design, 81 projects on installation of suction foundation; 27 projects on pipeline installation/ repair, with the total length of 164.5 km until the end of 2014.

Based on the progreng innovation science and technology and proper use of the sea and relying on scientific management and advanced technology, take use of innovation and advanced management and technology to develop and improve the ability of NOED. NOED will continuously elevate the company’s viability and development ability so that we can gradually become a professional and world competitive offshore engineering enterprise. 

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